Grow your business with Dotkeeper and AWA

A combined offer in trademarks, domain names and digital IP


With AWA and Dotkeeper as your brand partner, your trademark will not only be protected – it will be taken care of in a bigger business context. We have a combined offer in trademarks, domain names and other digital IP, and together we can handle the two sides of your trademark coin – the digital one and the analogue one. Our services are tailored for expanding startups as well as for global brands and company groups. Our clients all have in common that they value their brands and digital presence.



We cover every aspect of intellectual property. AWA is a leading IP firm offering services in patents, trademarks, design, copyright, legal services, strategy, and other IP fields. Dotkeeper is a leading expert in domain names and digital assets. Together we give you a complete support with your IP. As a client of AWA and Dotkeeper, you reap the benefits of our synergy.

Outstanding IP expertise

Few other IP firms can compete with AWA’s track record, being in the business for 120 years, serving well-reputed clients worldwide, and having 180 patent attorneys, attorneys-at-law and other IP professionals. Dotkeeper was founded in the digital era and has grown rapidly due to outstanding expertise, proactivity, and service-mindedness which are highly appreciated by the clients.

Local and global

We have clients in the neighbourhood and we have clients on other continents. They work with us to get the best service and advice, no matter the distance. IP of today is completely international and it is important that we can solve your IP needs everywhere. We have 15 offices in Sweden, Denmark, China and Hong Kong, to be close to as many of our clients as possible.

What our clients say about us

We contacted AWA and Dotkeeper when we needed to map out our holdings in domain names and brands. After joint strategy meetings, we now have a plan for our IP assets, as well as a coordinated management. For us it is highly valuable to look at brand and domain name issues through an integrated perspective.


Using AWA and Dotkeeper was an effective solution for us. Together we could ensure that our IP protection was handled in its entirety according to our global strategy. With these two companies working together we did not have to spend time and resources coordinating different actors and monitoring our interests.


For Poppels, it is valuable that AWA and Dotkeeper synchronise strategy and structure for our brands and domain names. We can rest assure that our brand protections interact with the markets that are important to us now, as well as in the future. We appreciate the proactivity and collaboration that have freed up time for us to focus on growth, and on brewing beer!

Poppels Bryggeri

Intellectual property from a holistic perspective – our areas of expertise

Domain names

Domain names are the heart of a company’s digital presence. The right strategy and management of your domain name will lead to more business opportunities for your company. With a modern, secure domain name portfolio, your company is able to face threats and infringement in the digital world.


In today's competitive marketplace, the name of a product, a symbol or design can often be the crucial factor in determining the difference between success and failure. The trademark allows for long-term actions and creates goodwill more effectively. A well-known and established trademark is a guarantee of quality.


There are many good reasons for applying for a patent. For example, a patent prevents competitors from imitating your product and forces them to develop their own solutions. It helps you to maintain your lead and prevents anyone else from patenting an idea that you might have developed – but not yet introduced to the market. It also makes the value of your company visible, which is crucial when talking investments, fusions, and the like.


The importance of the shape and appearance of products is constantly increasing. A design protection gives you sole rights to that particular design. It protects your product from unauthorised commercial use, making it easier to keep imitators away and thus maintaining the strength of your competitive advantage.

IT security

The safety of websites, portals and email is a must for a company’s daily business. We provide services that ensure IT operations and improve your digital presence – whether you want to increase your site’s uptime or you want to ensure that the information on your website is protected.

Online Brand Protection

In addition to this, we are partners to Yellow Brand Protection, a leading provider of online anti-counterfeiting services. Together we support clients with digital brand infringement worldwide.

Dotkeeper and AWA have been collaborating since 2016 to offer clients an overall solution for Intellectual Property and digital assets.

More about us

Dotkeeper and AWA have been partners since 2016, and since 2018 Dotkeeper is legally part of the AWA Group, a leading IP law group with presence in Europe and Asia. Together we provide an overall solution for trademarks, domain names and digital IP. We are strategists, practitioners and business advisors in one.

AWA was founded in Malmö (Sweden) in 1897 and has a number of offices in Sweden, Denmark, China and Hong Kong, along with a representative office in Germany. Visit to learn more.

Dotkeeper was founded in 2013 and has today around 15 domain name professionals at four offices in Sweden and Denmark. Read more on