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Grow and protect your business through legal and digital brand protection

Strategic advantages with a full-service solution for trademarks, domains and digital IP


AWA is a leading IP consultancy firm and provides a full-service offering in prosecution, dispute litigation, aftermarket services, legal advice, strategy and commercialisation. Dotkeeper is a leading expert in domain names and digital assets. Together we provide complete and efficient support for all your IP needs.

Outstanding IP expertise

AWA has been in the business for over 120 years and has more than 180 patent attorneys, attorneys-at-law and other IP professionals that are experts in IP strategy, patents, trademarks, design and copyright. Dotkeeper was founded in the digital era and has grown rapidly because of its expertise, proactivity and service-mindedness.

Local and Global

IP is no longer localised but completely international. It is important that we can solve your IP needs everywhere. With 16 offices across Sweden, Denmark, Germany, China and Hong Kong, local and global clients work with us as we provide the best service.

What our clients say about us

We contacted AWA and Dotkeeper when we needed to map out our holdings in domain names and brands. After joint strategy meetings, we now have a plan for our IP assets, as well as a coordinated management. For us it is highly valuable to look at brand and domain name issues through an integrated perspective.


Using AWA and Dotkeeper was an effective solution for us. Together we could ensure that our IP protection was handled in its entirety according to our global strategy. With these two companies working together we did not have to spend time and resources coordinating different actors and monitoring our interests.


For Poppels, it is valuable that AWA and Dotkeeper synchronise strategy and structure for our brands and domain names. We can rest assure that our brand protections interact with the markets that are important to us now, as well as in the future. We appreciate the proactivity and collaboration that have freed up time for us to focus on growth, and on brewing beer!

Poppels Bryggeri

Brand prosperity from a holistic perspective – Management, Strategy and Protection of brands legally and digitally

Domain and Trademark Management

Through our integrated management services, we provide you with a safe, strategic and effective way to manage trademarks, domain names and digital IP. This will not only eliminate risk, but as we make use of the synergies between legal and digital brand management, help you to create a strategy that will grow your brand.

Expansion Package(s)

When expanding into new markets or launching new products or services, we can help you register and actively protect trademarks and domain names, customized for territories relevant to you. Our experts can also help you to think ahead and register under strategic categories for future products or services.

Domain and Trademark Risk Analysis

Is your brand safe online? A concrete status analysis of your domain and trademark holdings. We analyse your needs, identify any risks in your current procedures and provide recommendations for improvements.

Domain and Trademark Strategy

We help you to create a Domain and Trademark Strategy based on your business strategy and to structure your assets according to best practices and to your company's needs. This includes portfolio management and guidelines, ownership data, consolidation, monitoring, on-line surveillance and other services as needed.

Online Enforcement

Online Enforcement services customised to your needs. Through sophisticated monitoring and searches we detect online threats. These are prioritised by risk and relevance criteria, and when necessary we proceed with e.g. take-downs, litigation or an acquisition process.


Monitoring of trademark registrations and domain registrations provides you with early detection of possible infringements, intrusions or rights that can hinder future growth and expansion.

Our expertise in Intellectual Property supports the companies of today in building the prosperity of tomorrow

More about us

AWA is a leading intellectual property consultancy firm with over 300 employees across Europe and Asia. Our clients are innovative companies, ranging from local start-ups to global giants. No matter the size or industry, we help our clients create business out of their ideas and innovations.

Since 2018, the leading domain name expert Dotkeeper has been part of the AWA Group.

Our combined offering provides a full-service solution for trademarks, domain names and digital IP. Our clients have access to strategists, practitioners, lawyers and business advisors all in one place.


Read more about AWA at awa.com

Read more about Dotkeeper at dotkeeper.com

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